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From Dutch Nurseries to Your project

As intermediaries connecting Dutch growers with international green industry professionals like landscapers, horticulturists, garden centers, and project developers, we simplify the process of buying top-quality greenery.

With us, you can buy direct and enjoy instant access to a diverse range of carefully grown, evergreen conifers and hedging plants. Our commitment to quality ensures that your garden projects receive the perfect touch.

 Explore our authoritative selection and experience the advantage of choosing NN Hedges for all your green needs. Your journey to creating the perfect garden begins here.
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Bulk Hedge Plant Purchasing

NN Hedges specializes in providing bulk quantities of hedge plants from Dutch hedge plant nurseries to foreign companies.

Wholesale Buyers

For those looking to buy in large quantities, NN Hedges offers special pricing for wholesale buyers.

Large Quantity Orders

We cater to wholesale buyers, ensuring substantial savings on a per-unit basis.

Savings on Per Unit Cost

Buying in bulk means reduced costs per unit, allowing you to maximize your budget.

Plant Reservation Process

Our plant reservation process is designed to ensure a smooth experience for our customers.

Invoice Payment Process

Once the plants are reserved, we send an invoice to the customer. The payment process is as follows:

Payment Confirmation

After receiving the invoice, customers make the necessary payment to confirm their order. This step is crucial to secure the reservation.

Plant Pickup Instructions

Upon payment confirmation, we provide customers with detailed instructions on where and how to pick up their ordered plants. This ensures a hassle-free pickup process and saves on transport costs.

Order to Reservation

The process involves the following steps:

1. Customer Order Submission

Customers place their orders with us. Once an order is received, we initiate the reservation process with the hedge nursery.

2. Reserving Plants with Hedge Nursery

We work closely with the nursery to reserve the requested plants for our customers. This step ensures that the plants are available and ready for pickup.
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We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Subscribe to our frequently updated price-list

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!
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