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NN Hedges Choosing Common Evergreen Hedge Varieties

Discover a world of green beauty with our comprehensive Hedge Varieties Catalog. 

Explore a myriad of hedge types, from the common and evergreen to vibrant flowering shrubs like viburnum. Learn how to choose the perfect plants for hedging and create your dream garden oasis. 

Our catalog offers a direct route to finding the ideal hedge varieties for your needs. Whether you're a seasoned hedging professional or just starting, our expert insights will guide you. 

With a wide array of boxwood, evergreen, and other plant types, you can transform your outdoor space into a lush, vibrant haven. Explore, choose, and create with ease.

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Hedge Plant Types

Explore the different types of hedge plants that we offer:

Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen hedges are the go-to choice for maintaining lush, green boundaries year-round. Learn how to choose and use these common varieties like boxwood and viburnum for your garden.

Deciduous Hedges

Deciduous hedges bring a touch of seasonal variety with their vibrant foliage. Discover the flowering shrubs and plants available in our catalog for your garden.

Mixed Hedges

Mixed hedges offer the best of both worlds, combining the resilience of evergreens with the vibrancy of deciduous plants. Direct your green space with our guidance on how to choose and use them.
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Hedge plant sales

Explore our hedge plant offerings and transform your garden with our comprehensive selection of hedge varieties.
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Foreign Company Buyers

We cater to foreign companies seeking premium hedge varieties for their landscaping projects:
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Hedge Varieties Sourcing

Discover our hedge variety catalog and explore a world of options to elevate your green spaces. We offer quality assurance and convenient bulk ordering to meet your specific needs.

Import and Export Regulations

Learn about the import and export regulations associated with hedge varieties, ensuring a smooth transaction and legal compliance.

Customized Hedge Solutions

Discover our personalized approach to hedge variety selection

Tailored Plant Selection

Our tailored plant selection service helps you choose the perfect hedge varieties to enhance your outdoor space.
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Shipping and Logistics

As a customer you are responsible for arranging the shipping of the order to ensure a streamlined and cost-effective delivery process tailored to your own specific needs.


Consultation Services

Our experts are here to guide you with professional consultation services, making sure you make the most of your selected hedge varieties.
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Frequently Asked Questions about our service

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How can foreign companies source hedge varieties from Dutch growers?

Foreign companies can explore our extensive hedge variety catalog, ensure quality through quality assurance, and benefit from bulk ordering options.

Can I order hedge plants in bulk?

Yes, we offer the convenience of bulk ordering, allowing you to acquire the quantities you need for your landscaping project while enjoying great value.

Do I have to pay tax when ordering hedge plants with a tax number?

No, corporate customers with a tax number are exempt from paying tax when placing orders for hedge plants.

What is the process for arranging the shipment of hedge plants?

After payment, we will send you the pickup address, and your order will be ready for shipment one week later.

What is the minimum order quantity for shipments?

Hedge plants can be ordered with a minimum quantity of a pallet box or pallet ring for shipping. The specific quantity may vary depending on your requirements.
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We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Subscribe to our frequently updated price-list

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you!
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